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8 Scientifically Proven Ways To Boost Metabolism

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8 Scientifically Proven Ways To Boost Metabolism
Every time we eat or consume, we should be thankful to our metabolic capacity for transforming all those calories locked up in the nutrients into energy. Our metabolism is dependent upon many factors like out age , gender, size, and weight. But there are other methods that do influence and control our metabolism .The more your metabolic rate the faster your fat burning capacity. Even if you eat and drink high calorie and fatty stuff the metabolism settles it all if its powerful enough. So here are some cherry picked methods to keep our metabolism high and our body burning:

1. Workout, Workout and Workout . Although some people may say slow and steady wins the race but in case of boosting out metabolism there is no other alternative than consistent workouts .High Intensity Period Training (HIIT), such as interval runs, are fast intense exercises that can boost our metabolism rate and keep us losing more calories after the workouts are over. 

2. Sleep! With the jinxed up schedules that we have nowadays its hard to get full and complete sleep .Besides that constant consumption of coffee can also take its toll on us. Studies have shown the link between metabolic rate and sleep and they have concluded that not getting enough sleep may seriously slowly our fat losing capacity.

3. Breakfast. Skipping morning breakfast is another big turn down for boosting metabolic rate. In the rush hour we tend to take just a bite of our so called breakfast. Research has shown the importance of breakfast for our metabolism . Best idea would be have enough breakfast in the morning to keep our metabolism ticking .

4. Drink green tea. Not only does this is a well known super food replete with antioxidants, studies have shown it speeds up our metabolic rate and weight losing capacity as well. Plus, it’s naturally calorie-free, so there’s no purpose not to enjoy a cup or two.

5. Pump to get extra Muscle. The more muscle that you have in the body more is your calories burned . So Weightlifting and pumping iron may help in boosting our metabolic take and this increased muscle mass will help in burning calories. So why not hit upon some dumbbells to boost metabolism.

6. Water Water more WATER. Drinking lots of water helps us in digestion and to process calories. If you keep on being dehydrated then our metabolism tends to slow down thus boosting weight gain. We may need more than those recommended eight glasses a day, too.

7. Laugh a lot! A little fun may go a lengthy way. Scientists have discovered that as little as 10 moments of fun per day (or roughly half an episode of SNL) burns up calories. Just another purpose to stay smiling!

8. Spice things up. Use a lot of Hot spices more often . Spices like Cayenne Pepper , black pepper and cloves helps in heating up the body a lot . This invariably increases our metabolism . A boost in the metabolic rate goes a long way to burn your fat..

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