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3 Strange Tips To Destroy Belly Fat

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3 Strange Tips To Destroy Belly Fat

It is no secret by now what it really takes to lose serious weight. Diet, exercise and hard work will always be the answer but sometimes you need a little help to reach your goal. Here are three strange but simple tricks you can use every day to destroy that unwanted belly fat.

Brush your teeth immediately after eating:  

Few things tell your brain you are done better than brushing your teeth right after you eat. Your teeth are clean and minty and most food doesn’t taste quite so good after you brush your teeth so you won’t reach for that dessert or sneak bites of leftovers while you put them away. Calories that add up fast. Plus your friends and family will appreciate your nice fresh breath.

Chew more:

We do everything on the go these days, including eating. We swallow our food practically whole without even tasting it, which is too bad because according to a study done by Purdue University chewing before swallowing boosts fullness. In the study, chewing almonds 40 vs. 25 vs. 10 times boosted fullness and also release more of the beneficial fats in the almonds which keep the heart strong. So it may seem strange but it is pretty simple. Chewing more equals feeling more full, which means you eat less and that means less belly fat for you.

Eat with your non dominant hand: 


This one is the strangest of all but give it a try and watch how much slower you eat. That is the point. When you eat more slowly, you eat less. It takes your brain 20 minutes to register fullness. So by slowing down when you eat, you give your brain time to realize you put food in your body and to not let you overdo it.

Those aren’t too hard right. You can do those. If you liked those and want a few more like them, check out 5 Crazy Tricks That Blast Belly Fat. You won’t be disappointed.

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