3 Most Effective Fat Burning Exercises


Let’s face it. You are tired of being fat but you are also tired of spending endless hours at the gym and still not getting the results you want. You want to get rid of your fat but all you have gotten for all your hard work is a layer of muscle under those ripples and bulges that refuse to budge. If you are determined to get rid of that fat, here are the 3 most effective exercises to get the job done.


You don’t have to sign up for the next marathon in town. Start small if you are new to running. Begin by running for a few minutes or if you are a little more ambitious follow a Couch to 5k plan, which doesn’t actually involve signing up for anything. The Couch to 5k plan teaches you how to build up your running endurance easily and quickly by having you alternate between walking a running, which is also known as interval training and will burn almost twice the calories and fat of either walking or running by themselves. Whether you follow a Couch to 5k plan or not, alternate between walking and running to achieve this effect. Walk for 1 minute and run for 3 minutes. Continue to do this throughout your workout and the fat will melt off. It is also better to run outside if you can. When you run outside your body burns more calories because of the extra oxygen you are getting. This works especially well when surrounded by nature, like on a hiking trail, because plants produce oxygen. If you can’t run outside because of the weather or other reasons then hop on that treadmill. Just do it.

Skipping Rope:

This might sound silly to some but it is a highly effective exercise. Sports trainers around the world include this in their training camps for their clients. Top boxers are a prime example. If you watch those pre-fight promotional shows you will no doubt see them doing it because they know just 15 minutes of skipping rope can burn more fat and calories than almost any other exercise.


Swimming is by far one of the best exercises you can do because you use every muscle group you have doing it, even if you are only swimming for a short time. If you have ever gone for a swim and come out of the water hungry then you know this is true. Again this exercise is more effective if done outdoors but that just doesn’t work all year round. Luckily most gyms and local ymca’s have an indoor pool. It also helps if the water is cold because it forces your body to warm itself thus burning more calories.

No matter which of these exercises you choose the fat will melt off so quickly you will hate yourself for wasting so much time doing other exercises. Also if you were paying attention you will notice that you don’t need a gym membership for any of these exercises because mother nature is the best fat burner available and best of all is free. So get outside and get moving.

Stay tuned for a simple to follow Couch to 5k schedule on November 8th.

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