4 Best Exercises For A Better Booty


Let’s face it. Summer time is usually the time most women start to freak out about their bodies, after all that is when we are usually wearing the least amount of clothing. Really though a nice tight booty is in style all year round. It not only helps your clothes fit better but boosts your confidence as well. With that in mind, here are the best 4 exercises for getting that hot booty you’ve always wanted more quickly than you could every have thought possible.

The Original:

Start by standing up straight, hips shoulder width apart and toes pointing forward. Keeping your head up and your back straight, push your booty back like you are sitting down in an imaginary chair then stand up again. Make sure that when you squat down your knees don’t go past your toes and the deeper you can go down the better. You can use your arms out in front of you to help with balance or you can add weights to make the squats more intense. Repeat for a total of 20 of these squats.


The Sumo:

This squat is almost exactly like the original except you turn your toes out at a 45 degree angle. This really works the inner thighs as well as the booty and will have you in those skinny jeans in no time. Do this move 20 times.


The Bulgarian/Pistol:

The Bulgarian squat allows you to build up those leg muscles quickly. Place the toes of one foot on a stool or short table like a coffee table and squat down with the other leg. Do 20 of these on each side.

bulgarian squat

The Pistol squat has a similar effect as the Bulgarian squat but requires a great deal more strength and balance to do. If you are more advanced and the Bulgarian squat just doesn’t do it for you give these a try instead. Again do 20 on each side.


The Squat Jump:

The Squat Jump takes your original squat to a whole new level by not only adding intensity but also cardio. Start by bending down into a regular squat then push up with your legs back into a standing position then back down again. Do 20 of these and you will be out of breath but your booty will thank you for it.


The best and quickest way to get the booty you’ve always wanted is to work hard for it. You are not going to get a hot booty by sitting on it. Do these 4 exercises 20 times every single day and in a couple of weeks your booty will be firm, plump and filling out those skinny jeans in the most amazing way. Alternatively, you can follow this 30 day squat challenge below. Simply divide the amount you are supposed to do between the different squats. For example, day one says to do 30 squats so here is how you would do it.

Original = 6 squats

Sumo = 6 squats

Bulgarian = 6 squats for each leg

Squat Jumps = 6 squat jumps

Or in other words, divide by 5. Happy squatting.


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