Every story needs a beginning. Heroes aren’t the only ones with complex origins. Watch as the future unfolds in the dark new drama Gotham while you get in shape with these exercises.

  • 5 mountain climbers whenever Harvey Bullock threatens to beat a suspect. Double if he just flat out beats a suspect and Jim Gordon makes him stop.
  • 5 burpees any time whenever Oswald Cobblepot says that a war is coming.
  • 10 lunges every time young Bruce Wayne learns a lesson that will eventually help him become Batman. Double if he learns the lesson after hurting himself.
  • 10 push-ups each time someone mentions the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.
  • 10 squats whenever city/political corruption is shown or alluded to. Double if it traces back to Wayne Enterprises.
  • 15 crunches every time  it’s alluded to that Harvey Bullock is either hungover or drunk at the moment.
  • 15 jumping jacks anytime Jim Gordon takes the moral high ground. Double if one of his decisions gets him in trouble.
  • 15 Russian twists anytime the Mayor of Gotham appears and you swear you know him from something else. I’ll give you Spin City as a freebie but you’ve got 166 other roles to guess according to IMDB.
  • 20 reverse crunches whenever Jada Pinkett Smith Slips into, or out of a weird British accent. Seriously, Is her character Fish Mooney supposed to be English? One second she has an accent, the next she doesn’t. What’s up with that?
  • 20 sit-ups each time someone makes a reference about the character that they will eventually become.
  • 60 second plank whenever a lesbian act occurs on screen

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